Nobody likes the yellowing of things unless the color yellow is the primary color of the thing we are talking about. Whether it is the teeth turning to yellow teeth or the pillows that have started turned into yellow, both of them are hated. With time, the natural oils that our body, face and head extracts tends to affect the pillows as it gets seeped into the pillows. It is just another reality of the life. Because of this, the pillows start to get discolored and yellowed, and I do not need to tell you that the discolored and yellowed pillows do not look attractive. The same thing happened with me some years ago and I started worrying about buying some new pillows as the old ones had lost their real color somewhat and had fallen dull with time. But I thought about checking online whether I can wash the pillows or not and if yes, what is the way of doing so and getting rid of the yellowing of the pillows.

During the research, there was something I discovered – a process and decided that I must try it. When I saw the results, I was really impressed and I wanted to let others know about the process too. So, like I was confused and irritated, I’m sure there are many others too. So, to help them all, I am here, telling the same procedure to all the people who are troubled with the yellowing of the pillows like I was. So take a look ahead.


First of all, note the things that you will need for carrying out the process.

  • Powdered laundry detergent – 1 cup
  • Powdered dishwasher detergent – 1 cup
  • Bleach or Bleach alternative – 1 cup
  • Borax – ½ cup

Now, there are the directions that you will have to follow if you want to see your yellowed pillows to turn into the white color as they were.

First of all, you have to check the tag that is present on the pillow so that you can be confirmed about it being washable or not. Most of the pillows can be washed safely. If there is a pillow case and pillow protector present on the pillow, it is better to take them off.

Step 1 – Soak

The first step that comes to the process of cleaning the pillows is to soak the pillows in hot water. This will simply give the ingredients of cleaning a head start on dissolving the tough stains as they do not let lose so easily. If there is a top loading machine that you are having, the soaking can be done right in the washer. For those who have the front loading washers, or the ones whose top loaders do not have a function for soaking, the soaking can be done in a separate container for the matter of fact.

Bring a large pot of water and get the water boiled on the stovetop. This is how you start. Now, stir the laundry detergent, borax and the dishwasher detergent into that boiling water, and stir it till all the powdered ingredients present in it get dissolved completely. The water can also be poured into some bucket and then the dry ingredients can be added if you do not want to get the cleaning ingredients mixed in a cooking pot.

After all the dry ingredients get dissolved into the water, you just have to pour that water into the washer or wherever the pillows are being soaked by you, along with the bleach. Let the pillows stay soaked in that water for around thirty minutes. You should not forget to flip the pillows over around half way through the soaking so that you stay sure about them getting saturated fully.

Step 2 – Wash

After you are done with the soaking of the pillows, run all the soaked pillows through a full wash cycle in the washing machine. You can also go for second time rinsing, if possible for you.

Step 3 – Dry

After you are done with soaking the pillows and then washing these pillows, the only thing left to do is drying these pillows. If you have the down pillows, put those pillows into the dryer on the air or fluff setting. If you have synthetic pillows, these can be easily dried on some low heat. You can add some homemade dryer balls or some tennis balls to the dryer so that the pillows stay fluff as they will be drying.


After the drying of the pillows, you will see the fluffy pillows back into the color that they were of once. It feels so great to see the actual color of your pillows after you have watched the getting discolored and yellowed with time. The feeling you get once you watch them getting their original color back is something that will make you cheerful and be happy. If you want to feel that feeling and know what it feels like, you must follow these steps. These three steps are pretty easy to follow and it does not affect the people if the steps are followed the way they are written.

Soaking looks like the most important step and that is why you must take care of the procedure and put the detergent ingredients in the bucket inside the warm water and let them get mixed really well. After doing this, you must leave the pillows in the warm water so that the pillows get soaked properly and get free from all the stains that are present in the pillows. The stains loosen their grip after the pillows are soaked in the warm water with the detergent ingredients. After washing those stains off in the washing machine and then letting the pillows dry and be them fluffy, the end results will make you happy like hell and that is what you want to see in the end- pillows with actual color.

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