Mainstream of data storage! What about hard disks and flash memory?

In the past, silver halide photography was the mainstream when taking photographs with a film-type camera and having a photographer develop it.
However, digital cameras and camera-equipped mobile phones have gradually become widespread, and now it is an era where everyone can take high-definition photos with smartphones.
It is now an era where you can easily leave memorable images from your travel destination to familiar events, without worrying about the upper limit of film number and development time.

On the other hand, however, the amount of photographed data has become quite large, and it is difficult to manage and store it individually.
I often hear the unfortunate story that all of the memorable photo data that I have taken over the years due to a computer failure has disappeared.

Today, you can view photos with data from a computer or tablet, rather than sticking real photos to the album.
Which media should I use to safely and securely store photo data without worrying about data loss?

Major data storage media now include hard disks, flash memory, SD cards, and optical discs, which are essential items for using a personal computer.
There is also a method of printing out with the cloud media that has recently been talked about, or even with a printer.

In this section, we will introduce all the methods of storing personal photo data and thoroughly analyze their strengths and weaknesses to determine the best way to store your photo data.
This is a must-see site for those who want to keep important memories of photo data forever!

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